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A 20-year veteran First Responder turned Networking Coach. Zach (aka Residual Genius) brings his diverse background of EMS, health & fitness, Coaching, and Leadership skills to the networking field. His passion for helping others has shown in his 20-year career in emergency medicine and his coaching other networkers the ins and outs of social media marketing, lead generation, and attraction marketing. 

But, life wasn’t always so beautiful and happy for me. My career in EMS took its toll and left me struggling with depression and fighting PTSD which led to health issues, family issues, financial issues, many failed relationships, and a failed engagement, Life was rough for a while and a pure struggle to stay afloat.

So, fast forward through today and I would have laughed if someone told me I would have accomplished or even considered doing this...
"We Rise By Lifting Others..."
- Jason Theme - 
Secret #1: Content is King!
Content is king only if you have exact and highly specific keywords placed in correct locations. Unfortunately, the hard part is determining what keywords to use. A keyword can be a single word or a phrase. It is the term that internet surfers use to search for information. Place yourself in their shoes and try to discover what search terms they use. You must then evaluate the search term. 
How many people search using that term? How many sites already deliver information on that search term? 
Simple demand and supply rules. The more demand with the less supply equals more profitability.
Secret #2: Without Traffic- What’s the Point?
Traffic can be summed up in 2 words- free and paid. I consider all PPC (pay-per-click), banner advertising, offline advertising, and paid directory submissions a form of paying for your traffic. I also consider any project that takes up your time to be paid advertising. After all, in the business world time is money. Paid advertising is not bad. It just means that you are paying to receive traffic.
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